My site is not working only in Chrome

Issue: When I open in Chrome , Image is displaying properly. but when i login with admin , every thing looks good

Also, I don’t have any issues with IE.

Deleted cookies, also tired of all the options in catch … didnt not working/


What’s the domain?

images are not loading

I get a bunch of 404 errors. Can you try purging the Cloudflare cache? And any other caches on your server (Page Cache, server caches).

Thank you very much for the reply.
I tried this
and i am not sure how to do server caches in Debian.

Also, I had noticed my URL got a change to bing one(below) and i am not sure …what going on!

If Purge Everything doesn’t do it, it may be a server cache of some sort.

For now, try using the Cloudflare Overview page to “Pause Cloudflare on Site” in the lower right corner. This will help pinpoint the problem by sending request directly to your web server. It will take about five minutes for the Pause to take effect.


I didnt that and waited for some time…
Still not working.
Can you please help me how to clear the catch from the server ?
Also, how did you find 404 errors?

The site is still going through Cloudflare, so I couldn’t verify the error with your origin.

Your browser’s Dev Tools (F12 from Chrome) has a Network Tab to show which file are loading.

oh sorry.

Can you please check now?

Still the same 404s, and it’s definitely coming from your server.

You’re welcome to put it back behind Cloudflare, but put it in Development Mode (from the same Overview page) as you troubleshoot. Or leave it Paused until you track down the 404 problem.


I had noticed the difference between working image and not working image.

but i dont have Business or higher.

Can you please help

Any help …please

Do this :point_up_2:, and leave it that way until you get your site working again.

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