My site is not working/loading

I had created a site a while ago, and it was working completely fine as i had intended it to. However recently, i have received many messages saying it no longer works and it seems this is the case.
I am receiving the error “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN” and i have searched around how to resolve this but the other threads open on this forum do not seem to help.
My domain is
My registrar is freenom . com (wont allow more than 2 urls)
My host is glitch . com (wont allow more than 2 urls)
The way i have it set up is my domain tooty . org redirects to thetooty . com which is my site. Neither domains are currently working. However my site is still online, since i can still access it from the host at the url below;
I am not sure whats wrong. My name servers are pointed at Cloudflare.
glitch . com my host, allows you to connect domains using CNAME, which i have done below.
Please help me, thanks.

That domain is not using Cloudflare name servers. It is using name servers.

But on my registrar it shows its set to cloudflare.

Ive had a user say this is what they see. Im not sure what this is about.

That says Your post says it’s

Both domains show that page according to them.

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