My site is not showing as valid SSL certificate in Canada

My site is showing as the correct certificate everywhere else but Canada, there is an error showing invalid certificate, so it seems it’s not using the certificate from your site, any thought on how to fix it?

Not knowing the domain makes it a lot easier to tell what the issue is :wink:

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How are you testing/ verifying this? Does it provide details on what, if any cert is being displayed?

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I connect the VPN server in canada, and browse
It’s showing google’s certificate which is not the same as my URL so it’s invalid.

thanks, the url is

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yup, the thing is you need to connect with Canada network. Some my team members are there, I also tried on my VPN, it’s showing invalid cert error.

See my comment please :slight_smile:

ah, it’s working now! thanks!

I would imagine this is a DNS propagation error of some kind on their end. Sounds like it is resolved now, but should it occur again (or someone else is reading and thinking… this is what is happening to me) using dig or nslookup to confirm what IP address is being returned to those visitors will help determine if it is a Cloudflare issue. In this instance since there was a Google cert I will guess that is where the site is hosted and previous visitors had a cached DNS entry and were going direct instead of through Cloudflare.

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