My site is not reachable after setting in Cloudfare

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After setting the nameservers in Cloudflare, my website is not reachable. Even the WordPress admin page does not open. I even did all the recommendations provided in the community although a lot of people recommended different solutions.

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This site can’t be reached

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  1. I searched in the community group

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  1. Search

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Hello there,

As I see, it could be due to a few reasons.

  • Have you enabled DNSSEC? I see has a no proper record data while has record data pointing to CF.
  • It is likely you had DNSSEC before moving to CF. You can turn it off.
  • What kind of SSL are you using? If you’re using CF universal SSL, there must include CAA records in DNS entries. Currently, you’ve none.

Your site redirects to ‘www’, but you do not have a DNS entry for ‘www’. Please one that matches your entry.

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