My site is not loading in Firefox

Firefox says domain expired. Tor Browser doesn’t load the site at all.

Loads on iOS devices and MacOS desktop Safari

FF 78.3.1esr (64-bit)

Thanks for any help,

Loads for me.

Might be a caching issue in your browser. Otherwise check the DNS settings.

Last but not least, you do not have valid certificate on your server, so if you want SSL you need to fix that, otherwise the site cannot be secure.

Clearing the browser cache did not solve the problem. Looking into DNS issues. Not sure what to do about certificate. Its provided by host


Need any help?

Your host needs to configure your site for SSL. That’s all. You need to talk to them

Two questions

  1. Do you want SSL in the first place?
  2. Right now the site is not proxied. Do you want it proxied or unproxied?

Diagnostic Center says I have problems:

  • Check DNSSEC configuration – A * ip (!) says expose IP , but can’t cache to proxied
  • Check DS record configuration – Same
  • Check if redirecting unencrypted HTTP traffic works - SSL/TLS is set to Full

SSL… Browsers mark a text search as a form, so I need it
Proxied… I have no idea if I want it proxied

Thanks again

Not sure what you were saying. But SSL is not required by any means (except for a few features where browsers insist) but encryption generally is not a bad idea and especially if you handle personalised data you definitely should have encryption, which means a certificate in this context.

Also, search engines tend to like SSL more. So if you want to squeeze the last bit out of your ranking you might want it for that reason too.

If you don’t know it, you want it :slight_smile:

  • Contact your host and get your site properly working on HTTPS
  • Only once your site loads on HTTPS (otherwise you will have all sorts of errors) switch on proxying (the search here will have more on that topic)

the main problem of not load in FF is gone this morning.

Thanks for your help! Its very much appreciated

There still is a broken certificate. Your host should really fix that.

Thanks again for the attention you are giving my issue.

tldr: I can get free SSL if I stop using Cloudflare

My main reason for using (free) CF was to block regions of the world who tended to spam my classified section a lot. Since then I have start using Google’s captcha and reduced the spam significantly.

I know CF offers caching as another significant benefit which may speed up my site.

What other things should I consider before I make a decision to stop using CF?

How come? The certificate is unrelated to Cloudflare. If your host doesn’t want to issue one, you can always issue one yourself either via Lets Encrypt and even Cloudflare’s own Origin certificates. You just need to be able to install it on your server and if your host doesn’t even allow that you should get another host.

I’ll have to look into that. Thank you for the resources

Just following the breadcrumbs of information. I talked to my host, that’s what they said. I work in front end and UX so I know just enough to not know details like this. Someone else takes care of it for those sites. If it’s an unverified certificate, the browser still gives the users warnings and the user has to jump through a few warning messages to get to the site.

Hosts often have all sorts of arbitrary restrictions, sometimes to increase their profits, sometimes because their workflows are not flexible enough. Technically there is no reason not to issue a certificate though.

And if you can provide them with a certificate on your own (Lets Encrypt or an Origin one) they should definitely be able to install that.

The certificate you have in place right now is actually their default certificate and that won’t fly. Technically it will still be an encrypted connection, but every browser will display a warning as if the connection was compromised.

Configuring a proper certificate on your server really is the only proper option. Or you stay on HTTP, which is also an option as long you don’t have any sensitive or user specific information in transit.

if it makes a difference to the advice you may have, one can navigate to and see the secure site. https is not default and I do not know how to set it … the user also gets the security risk warnings “Error code: SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN”

That is precisely what I referred to. That won’t fly unless you are fine with users getting that warning.

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