My site is not loading after changing DNS to Cloudflare

HI I had hosted my site in AWS ec2, domain was in godaddy. After i changed the DNS it seems like was working few hours but now its done. We didnt make any changes in site after the DNS change, so i dont think any other issue. Can some one help us to solve it asap

Your site appears to be loading correctly from here (although a little slow).

are you sure ? I am not able to see at all. This is the error am getting,

This is the error message getting, is there nay setting i have to change in Cloudflare

The following is what I am getting:

It seems like your machine/network has a problem resolving the domain. Try setting your resolvers to (setup instructions here) and see if that solves the problem.

Hi Martin

Thanks for your tips, its working now. What may be the issue ? This same issue happening n some other users too and they informed me about the site non availability. Do you think that it will be going to happen for all users becasue of the DNS change to Cloudflare?

Are those users behind the same network/ISP? I don’t know why the resolver you used before, doesn’t want to resolve your domain. It could be a cache that you just need to wait for to update.

The Cloudflare Help Center article says the following about it:

### Unresolved IP address

Although it rarely happens, the nameserver queried (or more precisely, the resolver in the requesting machine) 
might fail to resolve a DNS record to a valid IP address.  This issue is unrelated to Cloudflare. You can try 
reloading the page after a short wait to see if the problem goes away.  Contact your host provider for additional 

Those users are from different country actually, not under same network at all

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