My site is not going through Cloudflare



I have checked the host and name servers are setup. They validated that it’s not going through your server though. I have also checked at QTMatrix.


Can you try going to the CF dashboard -> DNS tab and click on the grey clouds for www and so that they turn to orange clouds?


They are set that way. Something else is not working correct.


Try turning it to grey, wait a minute or so, then turn it back to orange.

You may need to open a support ticket if that doesnt work . If you do, post the ticket number here.

cc @cloonan


Please do share the ticket number, I’d like to keep an eye on this issue. You may want to share the results of $ traceroute on the ticket as the support team may want to look at that.


I don’t have a ticket number. That would be nice to get though. Have not found how to submit one. I assume they can also perform a trace route and get the same information.


@Judge shared a link above. But basically look for a green button at the bottom of just about every support article to file it.


You have Cloudflare paused in the admin console.

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