My site is not be viewed plz help me

Error 404

This object could not be viewed

You are not authorized to view this object

This object does not exist or is not publicly accessible at this URL. Check the URL of the object that you’re looking for or contact the owner to enable Public access.

this error appears on my site
i don’t why?

i used R2 today but when i connect my domain on R2 Storge you should remove alrady exist dns to add new dns as a R2 Storge

please help me if as possible .

Hi there!
I believe that error, it’s what was discussed in this topic:

Review our developer documentation: Public buckets · Cloudflare R2 docs

If you are using a domain with CNAME flattening enabled, be aware that is not supported–you’ll need to disable CNAME flattening before enabling domain access.

Take care!

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