My site is not accessible through https via cloudflare

Hi all, I made a post about this before but it looks like the spam detection hid it.
My domain does not seem to want to work through the Cloudflare proxy server. It is not signing with the Cloudflare cert and is thus not loading the page for me (and hsts prevents me from browsing to it on http due to all my other sub domains working in this way) I am getting ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH when browsing via https

That’s too deep of a subdomain. The Cloudflare TLS certificate covers and *
In your case, is covered, but not the maps sub-subdomain.

To cover second level subdomains, you’ll need to pay for the $10/month Dedicated SSL with Custom Hostnames, so you then you can add that long hostname.

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