My site is not accessable

My site has not been reachable for sometime now, and I contacted my host about it. Attached below is their reply I don’t know if the issue is from Cloudflare.

Pause Cloudflare on the Overview screen and check if you can access your site. If you can’t it is an issue with your server.

Let me try it and see…
If am pausing Cloudflare am I to change nameservers as well

Don’t change the nameservers.

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What’s the domain?

Changing nameservers is rarely a good idea, you only run into propagation issues.

Change back to Cloudflare and pause Cloudflare.


If your IP address is .128 then your server is running, but the web server is not.

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What’s the solution now

You need to talk to whomever is responsible for running that server, the issue is not Cloudflare related.

Contabo. com??

Maybe, but that certainly depends on the service you have with them. The administrator of that server simply needs to fix the server.

Thanks alot, I really appreciate

No worries. What you should do now is

  1. Change the nameservers back to Cloudflare
  2. Keep Cloudflare paused
  3. Fix the server
  4. Verify that your site loads fine on HTTPS
  5. Only once your site loads fine on HTTPS, unpause Cloudflare again and not before

With that you ensure you ensure your server is working fine and it will also load via Cloudflare.

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