My site is not a phishing site!

My site is not a phishing site!
I redirect my domain to so that I can troubleshoot various technical issues,only. But my site doesn’t store anything.
Please help me to clear it, otherwise, when visiting my site, Cloudflare will always prompt the user to visit a phishing site. Thanks!

Can you provide a screenshot from that?

Thanks! This problem has happened once and this is the second time.
Please help to check.
If there is indeed a problem, please let me know and I will fix it as soon as possible.
Thanks again!

Yes, there is a problem, you cloned an official site (Googles Startpage) and serve it under your own domain which indeed can be used for phishing:

If you use that for phishing or not I think does not matter here, the warning is appropriated, in my opinion.

You do not redirect. You serve (or proxy) Googles site. Thats something else. If you want to redirect please redirect with a HTTP redirection code (301, 302, 307). I would recommend a 302 here, since you want to do some tests.

The message states:

If you’re the owner of this website
Please log in to to review your flagged website. If you have questions about why this was flagged as phishing please contact the Trust & Safety team for more information.

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I don’t want to complicate matters too much.
I just want to redirect my domain to so that I can access normally
Nothing else works.

Ok, now I understand… your are from an area that does block Google and therefore you are using your domain to proxy it to be able to access it.

Anyway I can’t remove that warning, you will have to contact the Trust and safety team and explain them the situation.

Yes,you understand very correctly.
I from China,I can’t visit…
How can I contact your security team to raise my concerns with them?
thanks a lot.


My site is not a phishing site!

Can your help me to fix it,please?
thanks a lot!

The community cannot do anything about that warning.

Your only option is to contact Trust & Safety by following the instructions in the dashboard, but I doubt they will remove that warning.

Your proxy may very well be legit, but there is no way for Cloudflare to verify that. Your proxy is indistinguishable from one that collects personal data and steals login credentials.

Users are free to click “dismiss this warning and enter the site” after they have been informed of the security implications of a proxy.

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Is there a better solution?
I just redirect my domain name to so that I can complete the technical problems I encounter on a daily basis.

Many thanks.

You could add some kind of authentication on your proxy so only you can get to it, then you have a good chance that Trust & Safety will lift the phishing warning.

You don’t just simply redirect your domain to Google unfortunately. As others have said your proxying the traffic.

How can I proxy the google,only.
I don’t wan’t proxy the traffic.
many thanks.

You need to seek another solution as already stated you can’t do what you want to do and rely on it not to get flag for security.

Even if you were to only proxy google, it will still be seen as a phishing page to the public eye. Like I suggested earlier, it’s best to put some kind of authentication in front of your proxy so only you can access it and nobody else, then it won’t be seen as a phishing page anymore and you can then request Cloudflare to remove the phishing flag/mark.

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