My site is inaccessible with DNS


I buy a domain name on google domain ( then I have an OVH server with Plesk. I added cloudflare NS to Google Domain and added DNS to cloudflare but the site is unreachable and I don’t understand why.

Screen of my cloudflare DNS configuration: Screenshot by Lightshot

And the error I have when I go to my site( :Screenshot by Lightshot

Please help me :slight_smile:

Best regards.

Your DNS configuration looks fine to me, both in Cloudflare and on the domain itself. However, I’m currently seeing redirects between http and https which are causing endless loops.

When requesting, there is a Location header returned (from nginx) pointing the visitor to However, when following that redirect there is another Location header returned with the value This one might be coming from Cloudflare as I can’t see any signs of your origin in that response.

The www subdomain is behaving in the exact same way.

I’m quite new to all the knobs you can turn here, but these settings in the Cloudflare dashboard could make sense to look into further. Also review under what circumstances the origin itself will issue redirections.

SSL/TLS → Encryption mode
SSL/TLS → Edge Certificates → Always Use HTTPS

Edit: Replaced “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites” with “Always Use HTTPS” above.

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Your site, as a .dev domain, should have been working with HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare. And once added, it should be using Full (Strict) SSL/TLS mode.

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Hello, thanks for your reply

I just updated, I enabled Strict SSL but I have a new error: Error 526

Ray ID: 6988ec46bf1e0810 •2021-10-03 20:29:30 UTC

Invalid SSL certificate

Here’s some additional information about that mode, including the 526 error you are seeing.

Then your website isn’t compliant for a .dev domain.

If your host can’t provide a valid SSL certificate, then they should let you upload one from Cloudflare.

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Thanks for your help I finally got to solve the problem. I have a second one, when I want to put itself under domain: I have the same error when I created a certificate for this subdomain and I add it to the plesk.

Screenshot : Screenshot by Lightshot

Best regards.

Right, the 526 error (invalid SSL certificate) you mentioned earlier is back for some reason. So I guess the first question is whether you have a valid certificate in place for this domain on your server? Since you know that you ran into the same thing again but couldn’t fix it immediately, what is different this time that we should know about?

Hello, yes I have a valid certificate, I show you my plesk: Screenshot by Lightshot

so my address is good, the certificate works, but not on that of the subdomain:; I have configured on my cloudflare this way: Screenshot by Lightshot

So I don’t understand what it’s blocking :confused:

I would like to customize my current PLESK link: https://51.XXX.XXX.173/

With this one:

It’s good I found ! In fact it is also necessary to create an SSL certificate for plesk!

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