My Site is Hacked I cant Block IP

Im so much trouble.

I can’t block IP.

I tried for 2 hours.

Cloudflare support cant help me even though i pay every month for 3 years.

Nobody is able or willing to help me.

I am not tech savvy and dont understand what im reading.

But my site has been down for 8 hours and im devastated by it.

Not even sure if this will help. :frowning:


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Hi since your site indeed in not responding at all let me first ask some questions to see what we have here:

  1. Is this a WordPress page? (99% sure it is, right?)
    1.1. If so, have you always installed ALL and every security update and made sure additional security settings are set up and working?
  2. what is your site running on?
    2.1. WebSpace
    2.2. VPS
    2.3. Dedicated Root server
    2.4. Cloud hosting
  3. Where is the hosting located?
  4. Are you receiving a DDoS attack, or has your site been taken over?
  5. do you have Backups?
  6. What paid products/services from Cloudflare have you bought for the last 3 years?

Cloudflare does not have anything to do with this, nor is it their problem in the first place. You not being tech-savvy, is not changing this. If you buy a product at Cloudflare, you get support for the product you bought. This does not include fixing your site, when hacked.

If you buy a car, they also don’t just fix your car, if someone breaks into it :slight_smile:
Once you have answered all the questions, we can proceed.

Now the domain throws this internal error:

This is not a Cloudflare error, but an error on your site/server.


Thanks for reply.

I tried to answer questions best I could.

Answers below…


Joseph DeCaro
Executive Editor

Maybe Nexcess is lying to me.

They said that even if they block

Country: France

That it wouldn’t do anything because I have Cloudflare.

They said it has to be blocked by Cloudflare.

They said the only other thing is cancel Cloudflare and then their block will work.

Does that sound accurate?


Joseph DeCaro
Executive Editor

Please answer them in the same pattern, as asked - with numbers, so it at least is not hard to read.

Here is the answering template:

  1. 1.1. ㅤ

  2. 2.1. ㅤ
    2.2. ㅤ
    2.3. ㅤ
    2.4. ㅤ


Here is the answering template:

  1. ㅤyes
    1.1. ㅤyes

  2. 2.1. ㅤno
    2.2. ㅤno
    2.3. ㅤnot sure
    2.4. ㅤyes
  3. ㅤNexcess
  4. ㅤno
  5. ㅤyes
  6. ㅤpro plan

Thanks for the answer.

Don’t think, thats true, just checked. Seems like your on Wordpress v5.8.2 which is not the newest. v5.8.3 included some critical security fixes you should have installed it. Even better would be v5.9.3, but thats another topic.

Since you are using Cloudflare, please first put Cloudflare into “I am under Attack” mode.

Then try to restart your server through your hostingprovider and quickly log in with SSH. Stop all services and see what is going on, or in worst case re-setup you whole setup and restore the backup. Hope the backup is not stored on the server itself only.

Anyway this is not Cloudflare job, nor it’s duty. Cloudflare is here to minimize damage before it’s done. But not to restore your own functionality after damage is done.

Who could be responsible is you Hoster, since Cloudflare does not offer any Hosting then static hosting Cloudflare can’t be your Hoster but


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