My site is down- says future home here

It just says " Future home of something quite cool." PLEASE HELP!!

Hi @elena1,

The page reading “Future home of something quite cool” is the default landing page from the cPanel server. If you’re seeing this error on your site, it means your origin web server is not configured to display your site over port 443, so instead they are showing the default landing page. You should ask your hosting provider to setup your site to work over port 443.

For other troubleshooting ideas and more details on the error “Future home of something quite cool”, see this Community Tip.

This is not the problem, they said it’s open and available. They said for some reason there is two A records, but I only see one on couldfare

Check through the other points in the tip I linked to. The main one is making sure that your site was working with HTTPS before you added Cloudflare.

I assume they mean the A records with Cloudflare’s public IPs, which is normal is your site is proxied.

Yes it is. When we pause cloudfare and check the site without the ssl it works, so it’s soomething on your end. It was fine for months, and all of a sudden it’s doing this

That’s great, just make sure your SSL/TLS mode on Cloudflare is Full (Strict).

Cloudflare does not use cPanel, so this cannot be returned by Cloudflare. For whatever reason, this is being returned from your server.


It is set to full. Like I said, then I pause cloudfare everything works fine. When I put it back on, it says that.

My problem has been resolved with godaddy. Thanks.

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Glad they got it sorted for you :slight_smile:

Should be Full Strict, otherwise it’s still insecure.

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