My site is down, I'm clueless as to why


Hey. I’m new here, so Hi everyone.

My site has been fully operational for three weeks, then all of a sudden today all i get is 522 and 523 errors, or this screen:

A little bit about my setup. My domain name was bought at 1&1 My wordpress site is on Godaddy. And i was betting better speed and my SSL from here, Cloudflare. Then everything just stopped working. I’ve been banging away at this all day, and can’t figure it out. Any help would be most appreciated, I have to be back up by tomorrow, and like I said I have no idea why it stopped working nothing has been touched, unless it was ionos or hacked.


Looks like a problem on your host. Pause Cloudflare (or just ‘grey cloud’ the host name in the DNS settings) and see what you get. Check out the ‘Security Overview’ in Chrome (or equiv) and see what it’s saying about the cert being presented by IONOS.


I paused cloudflare, i’m getting the above white screen still (this site cannot provide a secure connection)


As I suspected. So now check the ‘security overview’ in your local browser and see what needs to be done. It’ll be your certificate has expired or something.


no, the certificate from cloudflare was only 3 weeks old


and like i said, nothing in the settings had changed. it just stopped working


That’s all at your host (GoDaddy?). You’re currently bypassing Cloudflare, so you need to fix that at your web host.


Showing the wrong nameservers


that’s what i’m, working on right now…trying anyway. lol


Avoid changing nameservers back and forth because it can take hours/days to fully propagate and you may create new issues.


i don’t get it. my values match in both ionos and godaddy. unless i’m missing something


Do you only have the two Cloudflare nameservers at your Registrar?


so, you think i should keep cloudflare out of the loop until i get ionos and godaddy straightened out?


yes thats the case


Not really. It’s best to set things up right then your done with it :slight_smile: But you have to make a choice and stick with the nameservers or you’ll just be chasing your tail


well i don’t understand if everything was set up perfectly, how it got disconnected. it ran smooth AF with A grade scores for three weeks. then this morning a friend tells me they can’t get on, and i’ve ben banging my head since


i’m setting everything, including cloudflare to the way it was before this s$%tstorm started. every single spec. then i’ll see if time fixes it


This tool will let you know when the nameservers have propagated


cool, thanks mate, i appreciate it


OK now that things are beginning to come online, Triple check that your A record in Cloudflare’s Dashboard is the exactly the same same as your GoDaddy IP

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