My site is down after switching to Cloudflare


This is my first post in this community. I am a newbie to Cloudflare, after it was recommended to me by Cloudways, my hosting provider.

I set up a new FREE account and received my Cloudflare nameservers. I use Google Domains as my registrar. As an initial test, I changed the nameservers on one of my domains to use the Cloudflare NS. I then entered an A Record in my Cloudflare account to point that domain to the correct server IP at Cloudways.

So far, is showing no IP address for my domain, and of course, the site is not working at

Obviously, I don’t know what I’m doing and need some additional help. I don’t find the online Cloudflare information and support very helpful.

Is this the only place to get help? Is there no official Cloudflare Support service? Will this community work for me? If not, I doubt that I can use Cloudflare.


It sure doesn’t look like you have an A record in your DNS page here.

You should check some stuff:

  1. Are you sure Meg and Nile are your name servers? (They probably are, but double-checking is good)
  2. On that DNS settings page for, you should have an “A” record for that points to the IP address, then another “A” record for ‘www’ that points to the same IP address.

Support is reachable at: login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.

Attached are images showing:

  1. Cloudflare screen showing my NServers
  2. Google Domains showing that I have used the Cloudflare NS servers given to me
  3. My A Records for the domain

I still don’t get it.



Those are the settings. And is not configured to use Cloudflare.

You need to to go and click the blue button in the upper right corner to +Add Site. Then you can add

Right now, you added wickedmotorcycles to your birkey DNS settings. Those DNS entries actually expand out to

I was lead to believe by Cloudways Tech Support that I could manage multiple domains with a Cloudflare account. I just used as the domain my account was registered under - because I had to enter a domain to start. Do you mean I have to create a separate account for every domain? I have over 70 web domains I manage for clients and host at Cloudways.

This was recommended as a solution that would enable me to create rules to block countries, bad bots, IP’s, etc. and increase the performance of my cloud servers.


Yeah, I’ve done the same with one initial domain before adding the ones I really wanted to add. Most notably in cPanel, which really bit me later on. Cloudflare is more flexible.

You can certainly admin multiple domains with your account. You just need to add one at a time. Each one will get its own settings, including DNS.

So, from your main Dashboard, do the +Add Site and you can add wickedmotorcycles to your account. Then you’ll have two domains in your Cloudflare account.

Hey, thanks for pointing me in the right direction! I added as another site, and configured all the zone records just like they were in Google Domains, and now my site is working! I really appreciate the help.

Now that I have a test site working, I need to learn about creating all the firewall rules.

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