My site is completely gone! Have I been hacked? Using cloudflare and Netlify


Yesterday I saw that my site was showing a 521 error. I saw on Twitter that some other people were facing the same problem. I thought perhaps Cloudflare was running into some issue and it’d sort out on its own. But some hours later, the error became a 522 and then a 404. Now the site is completely gone and has been replaced with something else! (See picture below) It says “UISP” and asks to sign in with a local account. I don’t even know what that is.

I’m using Netlify, Namecheap and Cloudflare. Not sure where to start. Getting quite panicky about this - any help would be much appreciated. Thanks so much in advance!

What’s your domain name?

UISP is a legitimate product but it seems like something has been changed or broken along the way for that to pop up, especially since you claim to be using Netlify as your host.

Have you tried accessing your website from a different internet connection and seeing if that makes a difference? For example, using mobile data rather than WiFi? My reasoning for this is that it could simply be whatever WiFi network you’re connected to is screwing with your connections.

Hi @aaravam

I would try the following:

  1. Login to your hosting account (Netlify) and see if you still can access your files.
  2. Are your files changed?
  3. If not check your domain status, last change date and if DNS points still to Cloudflare ( )
    3.1 If yes, do you have a backup or is Netlify arranging this?
  4. If your DNS or registration is changed recently contact NameCheap

But you may share your domain name, to see if we can see something from here.

Have a good day~



Thanks for your inputs @benabbottnz and @paul.zwagerman !

I have managed to get the site up and running again. I think something broke in Netlify – when I deleted all the old A records and instead, added a CNAME record from Netlify on Cloudflare, it started working.

However, now, I face a new problem – I think in the course of changing the DNS settings, I did something so that my Cloudflare workers have stopped working! The route is not getting triggered at all, even though it’s there. It’s also in the Cloudflare zone and orange cloud’ed. :orange:

Trying to fix this now :slight_smile: Which is a different problem of course.

Thanks everybody for your help, really appreciate it.

Hi @aaravam,

You’re welcome, maybe this page can help you to debug this issue : Expert Tip - Workers Debugging Tips - Developers / Workers - Cloudflare Community this is above my knowledge.

Have a good day!

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