My site is blocked. Why and how to unllock?

My site is periodically blocked by cloudflare/fortinet
I see page with this content:

Web Page Blocked!

You have tried to access a web page which belongs to a category that is blocked.

But I can find nothing in cloudflare admin panel to disable this “feature”. What shall I do in this case? How to unlock this site for me?

That appears to be a local firewall (mentioned Fortinet) and is nothing Cloudflare controls. You need to talk to your network administrator.

I don’t have local firewall (Fortinet) in my local network. And I can access this site by direct IP (by changing local hosts file)

Then why did you mention it?

Post a screenshot.

I think, this is Cloudflare feature


It is not. That is something that comes from aforementioned local firewall. Talk to your network administrator or whoever runs your network.

I’m my network administrator :slight_smile: there is no Fortinet in this network. Also, direct access works fine.
This trouble starts after migration to Cloudflare

Then you need to debug where this message comes from.

As I said twice already, that is not a Cloudflare message. Maybe your site blocks requests from Cloudflare and then returns that content but that is still something you need to fix on your server.

That is not Cloudflare issue I am afraid.

Argh, thanks, seems it is my local DNS issue
Thanks for help!

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