My site is asking Google captcha for every users

Hi Mate,

My site asks for a Google-captcha (Not Cloudflare) for every user even though the captcha is not configured anywhere in Google Captch even in other apps.

Can you please help us to understand why it is coming? I checked the frame source it’s coming from Cloudflare.

Note: Yesterday I saw a DDOS attack on my site but Cloudflare blocked it.

Site Name: Games Redeem

Below is the screenshot. I am not using any ad blocker. In Cloudflare-> Security → Security Level → Essentially Off. But still getting captcha for all the users. This started happening after yesterday DDOS.

No, this is not a CAPTCHA performed by Cloudflare. You need to clarify this with your web developer.


Hi Dear,

It is from Cloudflare only I saw a few other members also reported the same issue with the same screenshot in this forum.

Also after changing my DNS nameserver issue is getting resolved. Can you re-check and confirm?

I don’t think that I feel very inclined to check anything after you showed your appreciation for my previous response.


Cloudflare does not even use reCAPTCHA, so Cloudflare is not involved here. As already mentioned, you need to discuss this with your web developer.

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Ok, I will re-check and come back.

There is little to clarify here. Once your server does not require the CAPTCHA anymore, it will simply work.

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