My site is Active in Cloudflare and NameServers set to Cloudflare but DNS is targeting the origin


I have a number of sites set up in my Cloudflare account all set to CF NameServers and all working properly with a PING showing a CF IP address (so I know they are working!). But my latest one ( is all set up correctly with CF NameServers and site is set to running status but will not resolve to a CF NameServer when ping. It just goes direct to the target.

I have done a number of PAUSE and RESUMES to see if I can kickstart it into action but nothing happens.

I re-ponting NamesServers about 36 hours ago and set the site to “Running” about 30 hours ago.

Can anyone tell me why this site might not be working?


Ensure that Cloudflare is active:

Check the cloud icon next to your records. If it is :grey: just click it.

Thank you Mark - the A and WWW record were indeed “grey clouds” (DNS only) so I just activated them both (now DNS and HTTP Proxy) . Strangely, all my other sites had these activated for A and WWW by default so perhaps either something went wrong or Cloudflare are no longer making those Active by default. Anyway. thanks for your help!

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