My site images broken after adding claudflare ssl

My site images broken after adding Cloudflare ssl. They seems to work on safari browser but not on chrome. I have tried evething but the issue persist check images in this url please help me

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The missing images are returning a 500 server error. You will want to pause Cloudflare and ensure that your site and images are loading directly from your origin over HTTPS. Once that works properly, you can unpause Cloudflare.

Thanks for the quick reply, I have paused Cloudflare, and my site is not secured. How can I ensure that my site and images load directly from your origin over HTTPS? because they are still not loading…

Regarding the site not being secure, you will need to replace that self-signed certificate with either on issued by a publicly trusted certificate authority, such as Let’s Encrypt, or a free Cloudflare Origin CA certificate. Note that the Cloudflare Origin CA certificate will present the same trust warning when the Cloudflare proxy is disabled, but unlike your self-signed certificate, it will work with Full (strict) encryption in your Cloudflare settings.

The missing images will require that you work with your host to identify the source of the HTTP 500 errors. You should be able to find something useful in the server logs.

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I have contacted my hosting (namecheap)for HTTP 500 error on images and they were able to detect that my website was hacked, They had to restore everything from the malware free available backup and the problem is now solved . Thanks very much for your support

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