My site i down because too many redirects


my site is down.

Error Too many redirects but i also tryed it with a different device. My hosting says it is sth. with my Nameserver.

Can you please help me;)

Best wishes


Your site is in an HTTP/HTTPS loop. Was it working with HTTPS before you added the site to Cloudflare?

yes,i use cloudflare quite a while. Dont know why this suddenly happend?

  1. Make sure your SSL setting here is Full (Strict)
  2. Check your server for an HTTPS to HTTP redirect, either in your host’s dashboard, or in a .htaccess file.
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Okey thanks for your help. Will full (strict) work? Because i need a CA or sth? I dont know what it is?

Since you said your site worked with HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare, Full (Strict) should work.

okey, i found this message at my host. Can this cause the error?

The domain currently does not point to your web space, but to the IP address 2606: 4700: 3035 :: 6815: 1fbf. After the domain has been moved, the update takes up to 24 hours.

The name server is currently stored for the domain and DKIM has been activated. A validation of emails that are sent via our server could therefore fail if the correct DKIM information was not stored in the name server there.

That shouldn’t. That’s Cloudflare’s public IP address for your site.

DKIM is for email, and there should be a TXT record on your DNS page here with the appropriate value. But this has nothing to do with website redirects.

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Hi, I see you still have a problem (i did visit your website)

First try to remove your website form cloudflare. Once done, reset your DNS settings to its default state. If you do not have such option in your hosting dashboard, contact them and ask them for it.

When they reset your DNS, everything will work. Proceed to add cloudflare by simple changing NS1 and NS2

Just leaving this here, as that’s - once again - a completely broken setup. @sdayman covered that already anyhow.

Thanks i removed cloudflare from my dashboard and contacted my hosting

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