My site has SSL and HSTS enabled but it is still not showing behind ssl

My site has Cloudflare ssl (full) and hsts enabled but when I load it, it still shows that it not secured.

I also have Automatic HTTPS Rewrites enabled.

Can someone help please?

Hello there,

Seems you’ve paused Cloudflare. Would you check and re-enable it?

As of SSL, Full is not recommended consider instead Full Strict.

And while it’s Paused, it’s not secure:

The Tutorial @neiljay linked to describes the importance of having SSL at the origin. Please work with your host to get your site working with HTTPS before you unpause Cloudflare.


Thank you but I don’t think I have paused Cloudflare.

I don’t see that I have paused the site. How do I unpause it? I have updated the settings to Full Strict

:search: How to pause Cloudflare