My site has lost all the recent data

My site crashed and I asked my local hosting to backdate it. However, they took it so far that I have lost a lot of information I have worked hard to build over time. Kindly asking if by any chance I can have any recent backup of my site here on CLOUDFLARE. Will really appreciate it. Thank you!

Cloudflare does not have your data, only your host. Maybe they have a backup (depends on what agreement you have with them), otherwise you need to rely on your own backups.

Greatly sorry to hear. But you should have backup system in place. Now, you’ve two options.

  • Use Google Cache searching or site URL.
  • Ask hosting to recover backup (They is a little chance they charge few money and do for you)

Cloudflare is not designed to have backup system for such case. Sorry!

Ok, thank you! Let me try those options

On trying the 1st option (Google Cache searching) am able to see the data but am wondering on how to convert them into a backup. Refer please to this URL:

You’d have to manually extract that, but that will be tedious work and you will only get half of your data.

You best check your own backups or contact your host. There is not much of another viable option.

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One other thing you can try is*/

But again, that will be a clumsy “restore” as well. And we are bit off-topic at this point :wink:

Thank you Sandro. Unfortunately, on contacting my host, imagine they are saying that they only have one backup, dated 26th May. And this is where the site is currently pointing

Then you can only rely on your own backups or try that manual data recovery.

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