My Site has just vanished and disappeared?

My domain i registered and working fine has just disappeared and not showing anywhere and my site is not working…

what should i do?

What’s the domain? please

It has no DNS records for your website. You will need to get that DNS information from your website host and enter the DNS records here.

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But i registered it with cloudflare, i mean i bought this domain through cloudflare,

The domain is not even showing under the registered domain list in cloudflare, also i saw in the audit log that “Certificate pack deleted”

It’s showing as being with Cloudflare Registrar. Name servers are Ian and Rafe, so which ever account you have that generally uses those two name servers should include the domain registration as well.

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@sdayman it doesn’t show my brother, that’s why i don’t know what to do… all other domains are showing only this particular one missing, is there a way to add it or restore it?

That might be worth a try. Use the +Add Site option at the top of and see what happens.

showing no DNS records, what do i enter there?

As I said earlier:

Thank you. my issue is resolved

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