My site has gone slow since activating my account

hi, my site was loading fast and my score was always A under gmtrex speed test. I have paid for the pro version of cloudflare and now my site has gone slow and my score has gone to D.

in my advantce actions it says

Advanced Actions

Pause Cloudflare on Site
Remove Site from Cloudflare

are these settings showing correctly.

i have tried contacting customer service through the support ticket but they keep closing the ticket as resolved and saying i do not have access to suppport as i am on the free version and not the paid version. but i have the paid version

i need to know if my site is going through cloudflare properly and i have everything set up. i have tried contacting support with no luck whatsoever.

i have noticed when i purchased the pro version my speed went right down. i am normally A with gmtrex speed test, but jumped to D when i activated my account.

on advance actions i have the below showing, which i think is correct

Advanced Actions

Pause Cloudflare on SiteRemove Site from Cloudflare

can anyone let me know how i can check if the site is going through cloudflare as my site went down with my hosting company for over using my bandwidth which i am shocked about

There are few ways to check to be sure:

  1. Nameservers for your domain are 21599 IN NS 21599 IN NS
  1. As I made a request to your Website, the response HTTP header is as it should be the server: cloudflare.
  2. The IP address returned for the A record for your domain 299 IN A 299 IN A 299 IN A

Short answer - yes, it is being proxied via Cloudflare.

As far as I have checked, it’s looking good.
The e-mail is setup correctly (by seeing A mail record and MX too).

Regarding a concernt, may I ask have you spotted any errors shown up so far?

If it was a ticket, may I ask you to post your ticket number here?

This is kind of information to re-check and troubleshoot.

So far as I have checked few HTTP headers, your domain is on Pro plan as there is an HTTP header for image MIME type files like SVG in response like cf-polished: origSize=999643.

  • as Polish feature is available from the Pro plan

I also noticed you are using WordPress and Cloudflare APO (cf-apo-via: proxy)

Website loads pretty fast at least testing it from my end:

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i have just done a speed test with gmtrex, when the account is paused it is A, but then when activated again it is this speed here

this is also why i am wondering if i am doing something wrong

Well, when it’s paused and you run a speed test, I assume it is normally for a Website to respond and be slower loading than when being active and the hostnames being proxied via Cloudflare (:orange: cloud) due to number of reasons from features which Cloudflare offers (ttfb, cache, image optimization, code minimization, tcp turbo, etc.).

Hm, maybe it has to be with the “page cache”, or cache settings you have selected.

Furthermore, regarding online tools for page speed test, there were topic about it, using :search: I got this:

Some usefull tools:

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i have the paid pro option and i have sent a message to customer service but they keep closing my ticket and saying i have not paid for customer support. can anyone please explain what is going on

Hi @mrtellis1970,

The Pro plan does have email support included. If you think your issue is something the community may be able to help with, please open a topic. Otherwise make sure that you are contacting support through the dashboard with the pro zone or from the email address on that account. Also, can you share the last message support sent to you along with the ticket number?

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hi, i have just opened a ticket on the community with my issues. i keep sending the same question to support through the support ticket system but they keep closing it down saying i do not have the paid version, but i do. it shows it on my account. and i send them the support ticket through my paid account

There are a number of tickets because they keep showing them as resolved within 60 seconds, with a message that i do not have a paid plan


are just a few of them as they kept on closing them down

OK, I’ll escalate this to find out why they’re being closed.

You should be able to reply to that autoresponse to re-open it though, if it gets closed a second time, reply again and it should definitely stay open then.

thank you. and since i activated the paid version my site has gone slow. i always received a A score with gmtrex, but then when i activated the pro version my score went down to D

:point_up: did you review the performance optimization guides the agent shared with you earlier today? As mentioned in the ticket and observed here, it looks like you can benefit from is Caching. I’d start with those guides, adjust your settings and observe the results in order to tune site performance.

I see the recent ticket is categorized correctly and if you can contain the comments in 2216205 that will ensure that multiple tickets do not delay replies for everyone.

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