My site has been cloned


Hello everyone, I have a site in wordpress, and I noticed that there are two domains mirroring my content, I tried to find the ip of this site so I could block it but it is using cloudflare. What should I do?

my website is:

The sites that are mirroring my content are:


It looks like cloudflare wont help in this case.

I have the same issue. I reported the abuse to cloudflare and waited 2 weeks and got this response.

“Matthew Gall (Cloudflare Trust & Safety)”

“Cloudflare is a network provider, and does not host websites or content. We have no alternative information to provide for the hosting provider indicated, as the information is sourced from a WHOIS lookup of the IP address against the public WHOIS database.”

So for me it seems like cloudflare like to protect criminal acts.

But try to get if you see if there is any information about the domain register.

Email/call the register.


You can try to remove them from google. That should have an impact!