My site gets lower rankings with Argo Enabled - via GTMetrix

So I was getting A’s via GTMetrix and recently enabled Argo with Argo Smart Routing and Tiered Caching, but now after enabling I’m getting B’s, C’s, D’s & E’s ratings.

With Argo Enabled

Argo Disabled

Do I need to give it more time to see a performance boost?
Wondering why my ratings went from A’s to B’s, C’s, D’s & E’s.


I am seeing A score still w/ Argo enabled.

I also ran a WebPageTest
Both show issues show the same issues w/ the DOM loading. You can find more information about how to fix on GtMetrix,

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I do not see any problem here.
Website loads as fast as possible - Croatia:

1.7MB in 2s total of which DOMLoad in 1s, load 1.08s
Cloudflare cache working as I see
Static files are cached also
Cache HTTP headers are applied
Brotli applied

CHROME with Lightouse
FCP is 0.7s
LCP is 2.2s
Total blocking 10ms
TTI 2.2s
Speed Index 1.2s
CLS is 1.052

Says to Enable Text Compression - Javscript files, try to combine them into one to reduce the requests also.
Says Remove Unused JS - jquery-2.2.4.min.js listed.

FCP 2.2s
LCP 11.9s
Total blocking 300ms
TTI 10.8s
Speed Index 6.6s
CLS 1.049
Says the same for enable text compression and the same for remove unused JS.

If you want to be the best, just try to remove the jQuery support and dependencies on your Website and your are 100% green :slight_smile:

Why bothering around few percentages due to the CLS and LCP for Google PageSpeed Optimization?

Most important to have the lowest possible TTFB and use a CDN like Cloudflare. Users have at least 3G, nowadays 4G. Cloudflare has got even optimizations for mobile like Polish and Mirage.

User on the cable, at least 4Mbps got it and loads the Website quickly too.

In my opinion, use minification and if not already Cloudflare rocket loader.

What kind of Application do you run in the Background?

Test with:

Have you tried to test yourself via Lighthouse on Google Chrome Developer Tools?

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Thanks @Brian_M & @fritex
Everything seems to be working nice now, before with DNSSEC disabled and with Argo, kept getting B,C,D,E ratings.

Now with DNSSEC enabled and Argo enabled I’m getting A ratings :smiley:

@fritexv, I plan to remove that old jQuery in near future and function without it. :relieved:
Soon as I find a new job or some type of income, I plan to move to Pro or Business plan :slightly_frowning_face: would love to use the Polish and Mirage features :smiley: and others.

I don’t have any apps running in Background besides a custom MVC JS Front-End framework, I tried rocket loader before but didn’t help much so I disabled it, though I am using HTML, CSS Auto Minify.

My laptop isn’t high grade so Lighthouse isn’t very much help with my specs lol :smiley:


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