My site first milliseconds is not secure- what is this?

Hi Cloudflare community today !

I be a CF newbie here and have set up my firrst Cloudflare site the last days.
But I have this issue:

my site loads the first milliseconds not secure- ( the circle with exclamation mark) then it loads full secure
I must ask you and hope find the answer.
My settings are:

set minimum TLS to 1.3
always TLS 1.3
always https
ssl full mode (web hoster has ssl cert) - no matter if I use full or strict mode, the result is the same
Early Hints
page rule mydomain/* always https
Brotli= on
Rocket Loader= on

So, site load fast but the first milliseconds it’s showing unsecure.

Then under menu ssl- edge certificate showing traffic over TLS 25% is not secure.
How I can fix this too?

Also it happen only in the first milliseconds.
What is this?

Any tips how I can fix this or is some CF misconfiguration here ?

Thanks !

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