My Site Down After Change Host IP

My Site After Change Host IP Have Problem
Please Help Me
Look At Attach Picture

Those aren’t IP address entries for your site. They would be “A” records you need to edit for the new IP address of your host.

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my problem was fixed
but The records inside the photo are still there

I am receiving error 526 now

HTTP 526 is a Cloudflare specific code signalling that your origin server did not initiate a TLS handshake in the correct way (invalid protocol, bad certificate, etc.)

If you go to the “SSL/TLS” section of your dashboard what is your encryption mode set to? Is it what you expect it to be set to?

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Actually, your host seems to load properly now, so all looks correct :smiley:

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when choice Full (strict) not work
for now i set to Flexible Mode
if i set Full (strict) mode , site show error 526

That probably means you don’t have SSL/TLS configured at your origin server, Full means that Cloudflare will try establish a secure connection between the Cloudflare Edge and your Origin (whereas Flexible is only encrypted between your user and the Cloudflare Edge).

Setup of SSL/TLS at your origin will vary depending on your server software, but you will likely be able to get a Let’s Encrypt certificate.

Some notes on the Flexible option:

Use Flexible only as a last resort if you are unable to setup SSL at your origin web server.

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This problem occurred when I changed the IP server
Should I re-request ssl in cloudflare?

You most likely changed to an IP which is not serving a certificate / is serving it incorrectly.

You can either issue a certificate in Cloudflare or use LetsEncrypt but you’ll need to install them on your origin server as well.

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