My site doesn't work

There are two sites connected to the CDN and… Both sites are connected to NS servers:
NS normally opens in my country and works does not open, in my country, checked through a VPN in Europe, the site works.

IP address of the server where the site is located

I am attaching the screenshots of ping, traceroute and DNS settings on Cloudflare

Please help me solve the problem!!!

Your traceroute would suggest that you cannot reach the IP address which Cloudflare assigned to your server. That is most likely a routing issue on your ISP’s side.

Can you run these three commands and post their output?


Yes, this site is on the same servers, but with a different IP works, screen in the attachment,

You are using the Kazakhstani Telecom, right? The last screenshot shows a proper traceroute to Cloudflare, whereas the previous one seems to suggest it stops after hop 3, which is still within the Telecom’s network.

Cloudflare seems to peer with them directly, so you could open a support ticket with Cloudflare and maybe they can check that, though I would rather think they wont. The best course of action might be to contact your ISP directly.

Alternatively you could try to remove the domain from your account and re-add it, hoping that you get a new IP address pair. If that doesnt work, you can try the same with a new Cloudflare account.

That’s right, this is our local Internet provider. I have already tried creating a new account, I was also assigned an IP that does not work in Kazakhstan. I have already created a support ticket, but the wait may be too long.

As far as I remember (you could use the search for details) Kazakhstan is one of the countries which blocks certain IP addresses. If that is the case here you can only try to create other Cloudflare accounts and hope that you get an unblocked address at some point.

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