My site doesn't use www but I need to use a CNAME record, not nameservers


My client’s site doesn’t use www.

I can’t use the nameservers version of Cloudflare because my client has a lot of other settings in their DNS that I am not responsible for. So I just want to use the CNAME version or something similar.

Please can someone tell me what I need to use Cloudflare without needing a www on the site?

Currently I have the following:


You’ll need to get a Business plan for $200 a month and a CNAME setup

Though this will still require “www” as the naked domain cannot be a CNAME.

In that case you’ll have a Cloudflare integration from your host, but that still requires a regular hostname.

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Hi Sandro…

If that doesn’t allow me to use a non-www site, then why would I upgrade to a $200 paid plan?

This doesn’t answer my question… If the answer is ‘you have to use nameservers’ then fair enough, but this isn’t an answer.

Because you want to use a CNAME setup.

Not sure what you want. If you cannot use Cloudflare’s nameservers you can only use aforementioned CNAME setup or use whatever a host (like yours) provides. That’s it, there is not more to it.

I’m already using a CNAME setup on the free plan provided by my hosting company, on my other sites. This is the only one without www. Your information that you need to pay for the $200 business plan to use a CNAME setup is incorrect.

So… What I need to know is whether I can use a non-www site with the nameservers version. If I’m going to have to go through the trouble of migrating DNS settings and such, I need to know it will work with non-www.

I am sorry but you are mistaken.

You are not using a CNAME setup, you are using a partial setup. Very different.

Sure you can. You change the nameservers and you won’t need to use “www”. That was not what you originally asked though, as you ruled out changing the nameservers.

I have no idea what you mean by a ‘partial setup’ - I am literally using a CNAME setup only on my other sites. I’m not using the nameserver options for those.

Simply put, as I already wrote, if you want to use the naked domain you’ll have to change the nameservers.

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