My site doesn't open without adding www

Hello every one ,

please help me , my site don’t open without adding www !

ex : my site open when i write in my browser
But when i write ( without put www ) it doesn’t open !

note : Iam using blogger , but with a custom domain

Please help me , I did every thing to solve this problem but no result !

Thanks on advance

If you can, add a DNS entry here at Cloudflare.

The entry should be an A record for with an IP address of… (yeah, it’s not the real IP address…it’s Google…just do it). Make sure it’s set to :orange:.

Now…go to Cloudflare Page Rules and add a page rule for* that’s a Forwarding URL 301 to http (or https?)$1 (the * and the $1 will forward any path the user types in).

Then make a similar page rule for This is for users trying to access it with https instead of http above.

This is all because I don’t think Blogger’s custom domains let you do a non-www URL. The forwarding rule will intercept the call before it goes out to that other IP address, and send it to your www site instead.


I don’t know How can I thank you !!! Really U R The BEST !!
You resolve my problem ! Really thank you :slight_smile: