My site doesn't load after ssl certificate

Hi community!

I’m not very familiar with DNS stuff, but I’ve contracted a free plan to get an SSL certificate for my wordpress site. I’ve changed succesfully the name servers. Cloudflare confirmed me that the change was succesfull. It’s been less than 24 hours but now when I enter my website I can see the https but the page does only load some html text and few images.
Some ideas ?
Thank you to take time to reply.
Have a great day

Mixed content. Search the forums for it please, there are a gazillion threads about it :wink:

Hi Sandro
I’ve spent hours on the forum and didn’t find my solution, otherwise I wouldn’t ask ;o)

And you have searched for “mixed content”?

Yes I’m trying no to install the Cloudflare plugin on Wordpress. Let’s see what will happened. For now I’ve turned of the option on cloudlares “Always show https” and the page works again normally

thanx for your help. with the plugin no problem. All good

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I didnt do much :smile:

Glad its working though

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