My site doesn't exist

ever since I changed the nameservers my site disappeared!!this happened after I changed the nameservers. What is going on? They need time to fix that?

And if you had mentioned the site - as the forum actually prompted you - one could even take a look :wink:

Thats a question for your host, I am afraid. Neither record is proxied but it all points to your host, you probably havent set up the domain on their side properly.

my site was 100% fanctional the last two months until yesterday that I changed the nameservers

In that case you should check if the DNS records on Cloudflare are what you’d expect and change them otherwise.

thanks I’ll do that

how can I change cloudflares nameservers?

On your registrar’s side. The same way you changed them yesterday.

Hi @ckyrou79, the comment from @sandro is spot-on, you don’t have any DNS records, there are good #Tutorials on adding those, click Tutorials above and look for the one about adding DNS records to see the process to add them. You’ll need the IP address of your origin server at your hosting provider for your A record.

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