My site doesn't display properly (caching issue)

My site does not display correctly, apparently due to a caching issue.

The post grid block on the homepage does not appear correctly. When I use the cache-busting URL string (?t=nocache), though, the block is displaying properly. Also, when I’m logged in wordpress, everything looks fine.

It must be some CDN/Server caching that is affecting. I contacted my host and they did everything but the issue persists, which suggest it can be related to Cloudflare.

I already cleared the cache but nothing happens. I would open a ticket for this but I can’t find the option.

Hello there,
Check this doc, may be helpful: Origin Cache Control · Cloudflare Cache docs

Check other plugins as well in Wordpress if they are conflicting for cache. Check if it works well in other browsers or incognito mode.

Check this out:

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You can do what @neiljay said or you can email [email protected], then post the ticket number (#) for escalation!

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