My site does not work in Window 98

I am using Window 98 due some reasons. But my site does not work in Window 98 after changing to Cloudflare

Most of Cloudflare’s offerings were designed with “standard” browsers in mind and, unfortunately, that just doesn’t play well with ancient software like Windows 98.

With that being said, it’s not surprising that you’re running into some troubles with your site, I can’t imagine the web experience being any good, not just when browsing CF related websites but any modern website.

My tip, if you absolutely need to support W98, disable the proxy, you can keep the DNS management.


Thank you for your tip. I will try it…

Please note that the Free plan only supports SSL/TLS certificates working on Windows Vista or later:

To support older, it would most likely require a legacy Custom Certificate, available on Business plan:

However while this does provide additional compatibility, we are not able to guarantee any of the options will work with something as old as Windows 98.


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