My site does not load webp


Hi there,

I have activated polish and webp for my images, but it keeps loading .jpg.


Could you help me?

Polish Works?

Which browser are you using?

For me it does load as WebP



Interestingly enough, even though it sends a WebP content type, the image saved is still a JPEG.

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Yeah! That’s the matter… I do not why. :pensive:

I have tested with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and even Microsoft Edge!

Thanks for your help.


I’d open a support ticket too.


That’s by design. We’re converting the content type, the browser knows that it’s webP and renders it appropriately.


My point was the image was saved as JPEG and not WebP. Having received an image/webp response I would have expected the file to be WebP, unless the browser would convert it to JPEG upon saving, something which I sort of doubt though.


Yeah we don’t change the file name at all, just the content type. Browser is smart enough to know the content is WebP and render it appropriately.


Not referring to the file extension ;).

The file was a JPEG file, its content. Despite the content type indicating webp. Unless, upon saving the file, the browser converted it from WebP to JPEG.


Follow up: that is apparently precisely what is happening (at least on Chrome). The browser converts the file. This only happens when saving it from the page’s viewport via a right click. Saving it from the developer tools appears to preserve the format :roll_eyes:

Sorry for the false alarm from my side.

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