My site DNS was Hijacked

This morning at 6:14 AM I received a message from a customer saying my website ( is redirecting to a spam website.

I confirmed and it redirects to a scam site.

I place my site on “Under Attack Mode” and still didn’t work. I also checked my DNS settings and the IPS are still there.

The only part of the site that opens is my Cpanel.

What’s the course of this. Is it a DNS attack?

Your site/server appears to have been compromised and returns that data with that redirect. You need to contact the person responsible for maintaining your site, that is not Cloudflare related I am afraid.

I’m the person in charge of the maintainance, so what do I do?

Domain name resolution is correct.
It should be that the server was hacked and jumped.

That is something you would need to know then. Maybe contact your host. Here the topic is off-topic I am afraid.

Alright, thank you!