My site displays 520 errors, I do not even have access to the back office


I really need your help, I have already put a message on the forum that has gone missing. My site shows 520 errors despite deleting cookies and cleaning the cache. I don’t understand why it doesn’t work and I’m stuck, impossible to access the back office unless I pause Cloudflare. And again, even this morning it doesn’t work! This is not really a solution because we can be attacked because I just want to access my site. Can you help me? Maybe it’s because I have a vpn on my computer and Cloudflare doesn’t validate my ip address? In this case is it possible to manually validate it?

Thanks in advance!

You mean this topic?

Have you clicked on the link in your post and worked through the troubleshooting steps for 520 errors?

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What do you mean by “the link in your post” ? I’ve followed the articles about 520 errors on Cloudflare but it still doesn’t work and I wonder if my IP address isn’t blocked or something ?

That link in your post on the text 520.

I am asking if you have thoroughly worked your way through all of the troubleshooting procedures in that Community #tutorial.

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