My site disappear from my dashboard!

Hi guys, on Namecheap i been set the Cloudflare DNS, but the surprise happens when for verify my domain on Google Workspace, i login on my Cloudflare and my website GONE from the dashboard! How come? How resolve this HUGE issue?


What is your domain name?


Thank you for sharing your domain name. I don’t see any obvious problems. Have you tried sending yourself a Forgot your email notification in case you may be using the wrong Cloudflare account?

Done. Let’s wait the Cloudflare email. But looks so strange.

Let us know if you don’t receive the email, or if it arrives at the same email address that you are already using to log in.

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Before reading my long reply, do you have two Cloudflare accounts by any chance?

In your audit log, you can see it was moved & deleted in late March/early April. Moved sometimes happens if domains expire and the nameserver changes. That does not appear to be the case, although whois shows some updates in late March.

Your audit log also shows the site in your account for less than a day from the time nameservers were confirmed to the time the site was deleted from your account.

The nameservers at the moment are a bit of a mess but where they are updated, the names are not the nameservers from the account you are using here, DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool. Hence, my opening question.

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Hi guys, the site disappear again from my dashboard! I login and no website in.

I attach you also the screenshots. On my Domain registrar the DNS ae also the one who provide me Cloudflare.

What’s the issue?

I cannot attach any screenshots for show you all.

check now what’s the issue. I’ m really overhelmed

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