My site completely vanished after implementing Cloudflare

Hi guys,

I am a bit shocked right now. After the implementation of cloudflare on Monday my webpage is not accessible and I can not log into my Wordpress dashboard. It seems that the siteis completely gone. I get a “Not Found” message. My FTP client shows that the files are still on the server, my host dashboard is normal too. What I can see on the cloudflare dashboard is that the requests and visitors in the last 24 hours shot through the roof. I never had numbers like this. Makes me of course suspicious.
Do you guys please have ideas and help for me?

Thank you very much

Hi @Elcano,

Can you post the domain name? I suspect your host hasn’t configured your site to work over HTTPS with an SSL certificate which may be causing the issue, can you confirm?

Sorry, !

I have a SSL certificate on the side of my host.

I just found in this forum that the my host “Strato” was/is not compatible with Cloudflare!

Thank you.

No problem! You have your DNS records set to :grey: or Cloudflare paused so it’s not Cloudflare causing the 404. Can you check you definitely have the correct IP address configured for your domain in your DNS records?

Thank you domjh,

I changed this after I could see that the requests get more and more every time I refreshed the cloudflare dashboard. I changed the name servers to the standard ones on my host interface and hope to get the page back on again.

To your question, I am a bit of a newbie. How do I check if I have the correct IP address configured?

Thank you

So, my webpage is back up again !

I changed the name servers back to the standard ones and all good again.

The customer service of strato definiteley confirmed that their shared hosting packages do not work with cloudflare. Ich would have to change to a V-Server solution, which is not suitable for me because I do not know how to manage such a server.

So thank you for your help. Will think about changing my host now.

Do you have any recommendations for the host?

Thank you

Ah, I hadn’t realised it was Strato. They seem to go out of their way to stop you using services like Cloudflare as they change the IP address of your site regularly so you would need a script to update it here every time.

There are many web hosts out there and it is difficult to recommend one, but maybe someone else here has a good idea :slight_smile:

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