My Site [] not open. A record get deleted several time

My site is not open. Because my server and domain connect with cloudflare and on cloudflare dns records I can’t find any A record with server ip. Every time I create a A record but this record automatically get deleted. So I talk with server specialist and domain specialist, both days everything is on from their end. So sir please try to fix this problem.

Do you use Ezoic or other service that automates your Cloudflare settings?

Check the audit log to see what is deleting the record…

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Yes I use ezoic

When you integrate your Ezoic and your Cloudflare accounts, Ezoic becomes the source of truth. You must create all DNS records in the Ezoic dashboard, and only in the Ezoic dashboard. Anything added directly in Cloudflare will be overwritten by Ezoic.

Thank you o much sir

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