My site cannot be resolved without a VPN

My website is not reachable in Google DNS only and reachable using VPN. Google DNS returns SRVFAIL error and I don’t know what’s going on. Please help me.

I found this problem is caused by DNSSEC. I accidentally pressed the Enable DNSSEC button on CF Dashboard and then I disabled that immediately. But according to this analyzer the DS record still exists.

Hi there, resolves for me without issues using Google’s DNS resolver. Are you still experiencing the issue?

$ dig @ +short

Yes, I’m still in the trouble.

Could you post the output of dig @

It hangs, no output.

I think there is a DS record which is causing this problem. Can anyone fix that? I cannot see it in my dashboard.

Your domain does not need a DS record. It does resolve most everywhere. Keep in mind that .ml is a Freenom TLD and their DNS is not very reliable. If the .ml servers are having problems, it can affect domains on that registry.

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