My site cannot be reached from Turkey

Hi, my site cannot be reached from Turkey. I can reach it only using VPN (from other countries).

PING ( 56 data bytes
Request timeout for icmp_seq 0

I heard stories about Turkish government banned new Cloudflare DNS service, can this be the reason? What do you think I should do?

i have problem like this cloudflareeeee fix it pleaseee

Your ping results aren’t due to DNS. You can try a different resolver, but that doesn’t seem to be the problem, as your site resolves to an IP address.

More than likely, something is blocking that IP address. Possibly your ISP.

Can you try a traceroute instead?

i can’t ping any website supported by cloudflare

Cloudflare can’t fix that. Have you contacted your ISP?

i can ping my dns

i can ping this

but i can’t ping or or
but i can open and ping this site supported by cloudflare but i can open this

i can ping just this reng ip for cloudflare other reng is timeout

just 104.23 is responding for my ISP My ISP is Superonline

It’s working for me.

i think cloudflare under attack :-?



Router: Kartal
Command: traceroute no-resolve

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
 1  2.045 ms  1.456 ms  1.365 ms
 2  1.926 ms  1.692 ms  11.905 ms
     MPLS Label=794704 CoS=0 TTL=1 S=1
 3  2.326 ms  1.882 ms  2.917 ms
 4  38.835 ms  35.845 ms  39.199 ms
     MPLS Label=483044 CoS=0 TTL=1 S=1
 5  36.211 ms  38.604 ms  35.522 ms
 6  41.016 ms  39.412 ms  37.737 ms
 7  39.545 ms  41.431 ms  39.520 ms

Router: Kartal
Command: show route protocol bgp terse

inet.0: 852781 destinations, 1705560 routes (834841 active, 10 holddown, 35883 hidden)
+ = Active Route, - = Last Active, * = Both

A V Destination        P Prf   Metric 1   Metric 2  Next hop        AS path
* ?     B 170        135                             6453 13335 I
  unverified                                       >
  ?                    B 170        135                             6453 13335 I
  unverified                                       >


Ask your ISP if there are any known local issues. Cloudflare IPs are generally reachable from their network. Next AS in path is TATA Communications (AS6453) and they are directly peering with CF. In Istanbul I guess. So BGP is fine as well.

Not saying that it couldn’t be blocked on your ADSL/VDSL or any other kind of end customer connection or on DNS level. Who knows… :man_shrugging:

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The problem only occurs when connected via Turkcell mobile and Turkcell Fiber users.

As you can see I used their looking glass. I expect that they are using the same backbone for all customers. Plus that reported a similar problem.

There are currently no issues wiithin the Cloudflare network in Turkey. Probably some partial issues in Turkcell’s network, idk.

Run a traceroute to your domain.

tracert -d


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my turkcell mobile is ok but my fiber my internet can’t ping any website cloudflare supported

Have you tried the App on the iPhone?
Also your government is known for trying to control everything so that’s a possibility that they are blocking it.

First of all, I understand that this problem has nothing to do with Cloudflare.

Here’s my guess: After Cloudflare released thing, since it lets people browse freely in Turkey, Turkish government took a hasty action to ban it. They released ISP’s an order to "stop the traffic through this service, and since it is a Cloudflare service, and Turkcell got it all wrong, and stopped traffic everywhere related to Cloudflare, not just the DNS.

I think all we need to do is to tweet, call, and somehow let know Turkcell that they should correct this.

1 Like has been released last year. :thinking:
The current issues you guys are reporting seems to me like a partial one within their network. Either an outage or they messed with their configuration.

Cloudflare IPs are reachable through their looking glass. Sure, it could be intended though.

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7:08 Today it’s fixed


confirmed. Thanks.


I got the problem in last two days too… sometimes up and most of the time can be reached. Anyone can help me?