My site appears blank in San Francisco

Hi, I have an issue. I noticed when I was testing how my site looks in San Francisco (using pingdom tools) that it appears blank. I’m attaching a pic.

I disabled Cloudflare, and once I did that, the site appeared in the test in San Francisco. But when it’s enabled again, it doesn’t. That’s why I think this issue is related to Cloudflare.

I tried several times communicating with the support from Cloudflare, but they didn’t reply.

Does anyone know what is going on?


Thank you for asking.

I believe this could be because the “bot” behind which they’re using received a challenging page or Browser Integrity Check page :thinking:

Otherwise, regarding the Page size and number of request, if it did passed or was all good, it might not be supporting JavaScript or some CSS efects to load the page. Nevertheless, might be the request timed out or wasn’t finished, but then the results wouldn’t be completed, right? Therefore the rendered screenshot wasn’t completed because the test was partial? :thinking:
Or the webpage is a long one to scroll, so the “tool” couldn’t fetch and generate everything maybe.

As when I tested recently, I see it, however I saw and felt the screenshot appearing process was like “loading in progress” picture with the elements being showed → JS or CSS efects to appear/load the content, my best I guess :thinking:

I’d suggest using and testing with other tools such as:

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