My site Admin bar is cached not on business plan

The admin bar is cached, i am not using business plan, Should I disable Cloudflare’s Cache Everything or there’s anyway around that? thanks

May I ask is this relevant to WordPress Admin bar or some other?

From my experience, yes, as the Cache Everything option would even cache the logged-in user things, etc.
Meaning, sometimes, it could cached the “logged-in” version of the page as a HTML and show that up to the visitors who aren’t being logged-in, or are just an usual visitors on your Website.

Therefore, regarding the option Bypass Cache on Cookie, which is only available to Business and Enterprise customers, there are few call it “workarounds”, but requires few steps regarding Cloudflare Page Rules and if this is related to WordPress, if actually you are using some caching plugin or not, to combine them both to make sure it works.

If this is related to WordPress, if interested, there are topics how to try to do it using below articles (caution: there could be some other issues trying to, if so):

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