My settings are changing?

Hello. My settings are changing automatically. I have tried many times.

For example, I turn off the optimization settings. After a while, the optimization setting changes automatically. or security setting

Why does this happen? thanks

Hi @cml,

Can you check the Audit Log in your Cloudflare dashboard and see if the changes show there?

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I didn’t know it was “Audit Log”. I checked it now.

I think “api” is changing settings. thanks

Are you using any third-party software integration?

Yes. I am use cache plugin.

Well, I don’t know exactly what “cache plugin” refers to, but if you are using any of the integrations that communicate with your Cloudflare account through the API, it may be responsible for the changes.

Maybe @domjh can clarify.

Yes, have you set up your caching plugin to integrate with Cloudflare? It sounds like the settings are being updated by some 3rd party service, as @dmz suggested.

If you don’t want this link, you could rotate your API keys which should stop the changes occurring.

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