My server IP is leaking

hello everyone.
I am running a website for last couple of users, and I was not using any proxy or cloudflare to hide my server IP,

and recently I have shifted to cloudflare and a friend of mine just sent me a screenshot, that my server ip is leaking while scanning with some scripts,

its indeed my serverIP.

I was wondering if there is something wrong with my cloudflare DNS configration or its just bcoz my domain was not using any proxy for years and its just a DNS dumster that has the catch.

and what if I change myserver. will that show my new server IP or it will still be showing the same IP which is in dnsdumster

Yes, it’s because it was previously unproxied. “Dnsdumpster” is a tool for looking at old DNS data, so it just found your server from DNS history.

For DDOS protection you should now set up your firewall to only allow connections from Cloudflare IP ranges; with this, you should be protected from DDOS attacks even if someone has your IP.

If you’re at risk of level 3/4 attacks (eg. ddos attacks on the router or your linux box’s networking), you’ll need to change IP as well.

Even if you change your IP, there are other tools (shodan, censys, etc) that people can use to find your server’s IP address if it’s open to the internet. Changing the IP only fixes the problem if you also firewall off non-CF IP addresses.


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