My server ip is changing when using third party API

In our platform, we installed third party providers APIs for token transactions. Incoming transfers are working but outgoing transactions are not, as apparently our server IP changes and the provider is not able to allowlist the IP promptly.
Can someone help here?

Is your site behind Cloudflare? The Cloudflare IPs may change from time to time.

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Yes, our application is behind Cloudflare. The IP changes too often tho, from test to test, like every time we initiate a new outgoing transaction

Connections made from your site normally not originate at a Cloudflare IP. The Cloudflare proxy is in the path of incoming traffic. Connections initiated by your site will originate at your server. Are you using Cloudflare Workers?


Nope, we’re not using Cloudflare Workers. So it might not be Cloudflare causing this? We’ve checked at our backend level, with the host too and everything looks fine. The only thing that came up to our mind was Cloudflare